If you have an organized server in Discord, then this bot is an essential. This bot is the perfect bot for keeping your server professional. It allows members to apply for a position in your Discord server without having to leave Discord itself.

AppBot Dark

Packed with Features

Wether you're using it as a staff application bot or a registration form bot, AppBot has all the functionality that your server needs.

Multiple Applications

Need to create applications for more than just one position? AppBot allows you to create as many applications as you want, hassle-free.

Very Customizable

From having applications with your own original questions to even a custom theme for all your bots, AppBot has all the functionality that you would ever need.

Easy to Use

From creating applications to reviewing them, AppBot is really easy to use.

Creating Applications

Creating applications with AppBot is as easy as following step-by-step instructions.

Simple Member Commands

Your members will be able to apply, edit, or delete apps, hassle-free.

AppBot Icon

Reaction Buttons

AppBot uses reactions as buttons to keep the bot's design clean and organized.

Organized Embeds

Everything is organized line by line, split up by commands, and embedded.

Get Started

Add the bot and get started on commands

Click the first button for an instant invite for the bot. To prevent permission bugs, the administrator permission is set by default. Click the second button for a documentation on how to use the bot. This will be a detailed explanation on what each command does. If you have trouble reading, feel free to join the support server and ask there.